Boxed In

Blue, Action Man & boxing it in.
Pink, Barbies & being boxed in...

Boxed In sees a set of twins as they return to their childhood home to sort through the remnants of twenty five years. As the brother and sister unpack tamagotchis, virginities and compilation CDs, they rediscover what shaped them into the man and woman they have each become.

★★★★ 'Portmanteau have created a smart, touching and witty examination of the myriad ways boys and girls are conditioned into the men and women they become' 

Inspired by your stories, and campaigns like HeForShe, Ban Bossy, The Great Initiative & #LikeAGirl, this devised piece combines movement, storytelling & verbatim to explore the effects of gender stereotyping on both women & men.

★★★★ 'pertinent and important, and the personalisation and distillation of the interview material is deft, effective and thought-provoking'
- The Skinny
'brilliantly written, excellently performed, intriguing and witty.' 
- A Younger Theatre
‘Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, instead of two sets of opposing ideals.’  Emma Watson

What is the right way to be a man or a woman, and who says so?

Boxed In previewed in July 2015 at The Pleasance, Islington before premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Pleasance, performing a full run in The Cellar at 2.15pm from 5 - 31st August. 

The performance was created through the support of Tony Loy Foundation, Oxfordshire. Portmanteau would also like to extend their gratitude to Morley Studio Theatre and The Pleasance for their support in the development of the work.

Performed by Lily Beck & Rose Wardle
Devised & directed by Melissa Booth

Written by Portmanteau in collaboration with Eva Hibbs
Produced by Ryan Stagg
Photography, videography and marketing material artwork by James Booth
Dramaturgy by
Sinéad Kennedy Krebs

Development for Boxed In is supported by: