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★★★★ "It’s politically conscious, but not preachy, hilarious in its dealing with pretty serious topical issues, and above all immensely human and exceptionally watchable."
— London Theatre 1
★★★★ "lovely, lyrical ...poetic script which draws out the shared humour and humanity between individuals."
— Scotsman
★★★★ "The lyrical text flows from both performers...switching into alluring set pieces of choreography that blur reality with ambitions and anxieties."
★★★★…”it feels topical and manages to make the age-old combination of women and clothing feel fresh and at times very funny”
The Skinny

Let's Get Angry

"From time to time it’s something meaningful that grips the entire country. Something dramatic and dangerous. In 1970 it was a terrifying rise of unemployment, inflation and racism that led to violence reigning across football grounds. In 2011 it was the summer of riots in which man turned on man and an image of one boy’s rucksack rocketed across the internet." 
— Le Cool Magazine
"Very thought provoking & funny. Confronting a current issue we have in Britain today. Definitely one to see!"

Portmanteau chat to Ideas Tap's Bella Todd about the making of Let’s Get Angry, a show part-inspired by the 2011 riots: Read the full article here.

“Let’s Get Angry was most definitely an intriguing and exciting performance thatmade for an exciting interactive theatrical experience, and gave the audience a wonderfully refreshing outlook on young people’s opinions.”
—  Live Magazine
“Absorbing spoken word/dance fusion from Portmanteau tackling the London riots”
—   Roundhouse, London (@RoundhouseLDN)