Education and outreach is incredibly important to us as a company because of the connection we have with teaching and learning. Melissa our Artistic Director and Ryan our producer are both teachers and currently work in Education. Therefore, we have an excellent understanding of how our subject works within Education and that has heavily influenced the way in which we structure our Education & Outreach programme. 

The aims of our workshops are not only to reflect the way in which we, as a company develop work, but to teach students vital skills than can be applied to their own work. We want to show students simple techniques that can influence their preparation for examinations – whether it be at the initial stages of the development or helping to add the ‘finishing touches’ in close proximity to their exams. 

Aside from offering a comprehensive workshop, we also love to take our work to schools and colleges. This gives students the opportunity to see a piece of professional devised work as well as contextualising the workshop with the students being able to see exactly what we create and we feel that this is both insightful and incredibly helpful.

Alongside the individual support we offer, we are always open to developing ongoing relationships where the company can continue to help the progression of student work. We can tailor workshops to suit specific projects and we are always willing to be flexible with dates and the type of support that you need. The PDF of our Education & Outreach pack is available to download here

If you are interested in finding out more about the company or how we can support you and your students, please don’t hesitate to contact our Producer, Ryan Stagg on